About the writer: 


Sarah Lambert has been living in the City of Brotherly Love since 2001.  A country transplant brought by the Love of the Father and The Hope of the Son, she met her husband through their ministry in the city. They have 6 children ranging from 11 years to 7 months old whom she homeschools at various stages. Sarah enjoys the outdoors, baking, music, and learning about herbs, natural remedies and homeopathic medicine.

About the Blog: 

Seeking to support and encourage homeschoolers in the city, Gwen Fredette created the blog,“Philadelphia Homeschool.”  She wrote weekly articles for the site from June 2011 until June 2016 and was a committed homeschooler for over 14 years.  Gwen is the author of three homeschool science curricula, The Glory Of Kings , and the free online History Curriculum, U Read Thru History . Recently she also finished writing her first children’s novel.   A committed Christian, Gwen strives to exalt Christ in all of her work.

Please note ALL of Gwen’s old posts are still archived here on Philadelphia Homeschool. To view past posts- type in a word in the search box, click on one of the side bar categories or look by month and year.

Passing the baton onto Sarah Lambert, “Philadelphia Homeschool” continues with the same hope and goal of Godly encouragement, timely posting of classes and events in and around Philly for the homeschooling community. I hope that you will stick with me at the wheel and God still in the helm of “Philadelphia Homeschool Blog“!

Some great things on this blog are posts related to:

  • Following Christ as we homeschool our children
  • Articles of encouragement and support
  • Practical tips for making homeschooling easier
  • Practical, money saving tips
  • Great Resources/classes/programs for homeschoolers particularly in and
    around the Philadelphia area
  • Fantastic field trips for homeschoolers in and around Philly
  • Tips for how to enroll your child in programs offering kids free tickets to
    theme parks, shows, etc.
  • Ideas for fun homeschool traditions
  • Contests for Homeschoolers
I hope that you will be encouraged in your walk and your relationship with Jesus as you seek to homeschool your family (whatever size and whatever form that looks like). May you be blessed and encouraged to seek Him!
Here are some of the top posts:

Do you have a question, comment or thought?  Please contact me at sarah@thelambertfam.com.




12 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Kerry, So glad you’ve enjoyed my posts. I enjoyed reading your post about your child using your sweater as a napkin! I remember those days well. You have a gift for writing! – Gwen

  2. Hi Jen, I know Sandra Hollie is usually only in 2 days a week. She may be behind in responding to emails. You may call the school district at 215-400- 5536 and ask to speak with Veronica Holman. You may also call the district at 215-400-6049 and ask to speak with Debra Vance. Both work near Sandra Hollie. They may be of help to you. I’m so glad you enjoy my blog! – Gwen

  3. Hi Anna! I pray that this blog would be a blessing to homeschoolers in the area. I admire your willingness to homeschool at a time when not many families were doing it, nor were there the plethora of resources available. It must have been challenging. I would enjoy talking to you as well! Please feel free to email me. My address is: gwen.silverliningpress@juno.com.

  4. Hi, Im a homeschooling dad of a preschooler in Chestnut Hill. Great to read your blog and others Q&A. Any good Preschool curricula info? I went to the Christian homeschoolers conference in Harrisburg this summer-excellent, just thoughts I’d see if you had any other info. Im Homeschooling on the Forest School model from out in Portland OR and ABEKA(the one my mother used to homeschool us on the Mission field).
    Be Well and Blessings

    1. Hi Kevin, Here’s some sites that may be helpful to you in homeschooling your pre-schooler:
      http://www.letteroftheweek.com/preschool_age_3.html This is a FREE online curriculum for young children. Pretty cool ideas!
      http://fiarhq.com/fiveinarow.info/fiarbooklist.html The book list on this site is wonderful. Great place to start to know what fantastic books are out there to read to your children.
      http://fiarhq.com/fiveinarow.info/beforefiveinarow.html Curriculum & Books especially for pre-schoolers.
      http://www.1plus1plus1equals1.com/index.html Another great site for young children. Fun, free worksheets can be downloaded. Site creator is also a city homeschooler.
      I’ve found one of the best ways to teach my pre-schoolers is to spend lots of time reading to them. Children love the one-on-one time and reading builds their vocabulary and the desire to read for themselves. Hope this info is helpful! – Gwen

  5. Hi Shaun, The Philadelphia Water Department’s Clean Water contest is wonderful. Our family has participated in it for the past 5 years or so. I announced it on my blog 2 weeks ago. Hopefully many homeschoolers will participate. Here’s a link to my post about the contest: https://phillyhomeschool.wordpress.com/2013/01/23/artwriting-contests-2013/. If I missed any important information in the post, please let me know. Have a great week! – Gwen

  6. Dear Jessica,

    I do not know of any Homeschool support groups in the Philly area for special needs children. But depending on the special need of your child, I may be able to put you in touch with another parent homeschooling a child with similar needs. Please feel free to email me to discuss this further.

    My email is gwen.silverliningpress@juno.com


    Gwen Fredette

  7. Thanks Sarah for all your helpful info for homeschoolers in the Philly area. We just moved here from Florida & I found your site to be most helpful (I took lots of notes!!)..Grace & Peace to you, Sally

    1. Thanks Sally! I’m so glad that you found it helpful! Make sure you subscribe, then you will get updates/emails when something new is posted! Hopefully, once a week!
      Welcome to the neighborhood too!

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