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Free Ballet and Volunteer Opportunity


Mid-Summer Night’s Dream

WHAT: Featuring dancers from Wissahickon Dance Academy, Northeast High School and Blaine Elementary. This showing for the Philadelphia School District and homeschools is presented by the nonprofit International Ballet Exchange.
WHEN: Tuesday, June 6th at 10am or 12pm; an hour long performance
WHERE: George Washington High School   10175 Bustleton Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19116
COST: FREE!!! You must reserve your seats!
FOR MORE INFORMATIONschool-show-midsummer-2017
to reserve  your seats call Elaine at 215-694-4564 or email your information (from the form)


Is your teen looking for some volunteer hours
or would like to watch little ones? 

WHAT: Every Good Gift, a small non-profit, is a job training ministry for young single mothers.  In order to remove barriers to work, the mothers bring their babies and toddlers to work with them.  We are looking for students age 12 and above to help our adult volunteers with child care one day per month or more.

WHEN: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday; 9:30-1:45 with a half hour lunch break

WHERE: Glenside

AGES: 12 and older
FOR MORE INFORMATION: check out Every Good Gift or call Jill Page 215-429-3750.

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