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It’s Sign-Up Time!

Keep reading to find out about BOOK IT! and Kidsport.

Homeschool Kids Earn Free Pizza

Pizza Hut’s “BOOK IT!” Program for Homeschoolers

I have fond memories of growing up with BOOK IT! I treasured my large button pin that I could place star stickers on for reading the quota. My button was kept safe by the kitchen cork board located near the wall phone!  After a 30-40 minute drive into town to have dinner at the local Pizza Hut, family dinner was a sweet deal. Occasionally, I think we even got to pick a song or two on the Jukebox that was there!

Have you used BOOK IT!  with your kids? This past year, we finally did. After having signed up for a few years, and never redeeming our rewards, this was the year! A fellow homeschooling mom and I “partnered” together to help get one another there once a month! It was fun for all the kids! I think we’ve started a great tradition of fond memories for my tribe too!

Here’s how we made it work for my large family of 6 eaters (that could get pricey!):  we found a dine-in Pizza Hut and hit the lunch time buffet! Moms got to eat lots of pizza for a good price (have you had their desert pizza? mmmmm!); reading, school-aged kids had their free personal pan pizza and the buffet had a great price for the little ones that can’t join in on the Book It Program!

Pizza Hut’s “BOOK IT!” is a fantastic reading incentive program for kids.  Here’s how the program works:

  • The homeschool teacher sets reading goals for each of his/her students.
  • Each month that a child completes a reading goal he/she receives a coupon for 1 free personal pan pizza.
  • The program runs for 6 months – from October until March.
  • Any child in grades K – 6 is able to participate.
  • This program is FREE to all homeschooling families.  You must register by September 1st, 2016. 

To find out more about Pizza Hut’s “BOOK IT!” please click on this link:

To enroll your child/ren in the homeschool program, please click on this link:


Cairn University’s “Kidsport” Homeschool Gym Class

WHAT: “KIDSPORT” Fall  2016 Physical education program for homeschoolers

WHERE: Cairn University Homeschool Physical Education Program                                                                  200 Manor Ave., Langhorne, PA 19047

WHEN:  Tuesdays, September 13 – October 25

TIME:  1:30 – 3:00pm

AGES: 5 – 17   Grades K – 12

COST:  $30.00 per student;  $70.00 per family (max)


FOR MORE INFO:  Email or call 215.702.4283

Here’s how Kidsport works:

  • Ages 6-7 Kidsport kids explore how and where the body moves. Students participate in manipulative activities using bats and balls, jump ropes and jump boxes, hoops and scooters, gator balls, parachutes, and games galore!
  • Ages 8-17 Kidsport kids learn to lead healthy, active lives. Students take part in fantastic fitness activities, team-building challenges, tennis, volleyball, flag football, soccer, rapid relays, speedstacks, juggling, softball, capture the flag, gymnastics, aerobics, and much more!

This is a great opportunity the whole family to connect with other homeschoolers!

Posted by Sarah Lambert on July 25, 2016


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