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Philly Homeschool Movie Day

Philly Homeschool Movie Day !!!

WHAT MOVIE: Beyond the Mask

WHEN:  Wednesday, April 29th

TIME:  2pm

WHERE:  Franklin Mills Theatres, (at Franklin Mills Mall) 1455 Franklin Mills Circle, Philadelphia, PA 19154

COST:  $10.75 per person

MUST RSVP (and prepay for tickets) by:  April 21st

Tickets must be purchased in advance.  To purchase tickets, please click on this link:


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Beyond the Mask

Beyond the Mask hit theatres April 6th.   It’s a movie I’m excited about because:

  1. It’s an Action/Adventure movie and is being called “a turning point in Christian Filmmaking”. (My kids are excited about the trailer!)
  2. It’s historical fiction.  (We can examine the storyline while studying the Revolutionary War and still call it a school day.)
  3. It was created by homeschoolers.

An Action/Adventure movie created by homeschoolers?  Yes, you read correctly.  The film was produced by the Burns Family Studios.  They’ve worked closely with Stephen Kendrick (creator of Facing the Giants, Fireproof, & Courageous) to bring this new film to fruition.  Recently God gave me the wonderful opportunity to interview Peter Burns, Field Publicity Coordinator of this film.  Following are his responses:

Q:  I understand you and your siblings were homeschooled?

A: Yes, our parents were part of the first wave of homeschoolers who blazed the trail before the data supported the movement.

Q: Did you and your brothers and sisters spend a lot of time making movies as kids?

A: We did. It started with very small projects during family gatherings, then moved into larger projects and finally to the production of Pendragon. See link:

Q:  How many of your family members have been involved in the making of this film?

A:  Every member of our family has worked hundreds of hours on Beyond the Mask.  However, Chad and Aaron Burns have lead the project and invested six years of full time work to bring it to this point.

Q:  In addition to your family members, have other homeschoolers played a part in the creation of this film?

A:  Over 75% of this film team was homeschooled.  Members of our past homeschool groups also participated in the creation of this film. In fact, our Location Manager was a local homeschool father that taught large co-op classes on the Constitution.

Q:  Looking back, how did homeschooling prepare you for your current work in this film?

A:  Homeschooling gave us the freedom to invest time into a high school hobby.  This has now turned into a nationwide movement!

Q:  As a homeschooled teen, was creating movies something you and your siblings envisioned for yourselves as adults?

A:  I think the vision developed slowly.  We were caught up in the excitement of the journey, and it wasn’t till later that we looked around and realized that we were part of something much bigger than a high school hobby.

Q:  I know your director, Chad Burns, earned a Ph D in mechanical engineering.  What made him want to switch from engineering to film production?

A:  Chad is an intellectual and a very skilled mechanical engineer, but he was captivated by the chance to touch people’s lives through a good story. He is passionate about bringing Christ-centered stories to people hungry for some hope from the entertainment industry.

Q: How did your director, Chad Burns, and producer, Aaron Burns begin working with Stephen Kendrick?

A: They had met Stephen Kendrick at a number of events and requested to look over the script with him.   He graciously agreed. He was thrilled by the message and gladly joined the team, quickly becoming an integral part of the leadership.

Q:  Did Paul McCusker, creator of many episodes from Focus on the Family’s Adventures in Odyssey, write the story behind this script?

A:  The storyline was originally created in the mind of Chad.  He and Aaron developed a very basic concept of what they wanted the plot to be and what message they were trying to send.  They took this to Paul McCusker and he brought it to life.

Q: For homeschoolers who are interested in pursuing careers in the film industry (including directing, 3D animation, set design, acting, sound engineering, filming, costume design, make-up, etc), what advice would you give?

A: If you want to go the independent rout, as opposed to the Hollywood rout, you are going to have to be willing to start small. The independent industry is young, but there are many talented and passionate people in it. We are excited that Beyond the Mask could open a new avenue for independent films to reach the market–via the theater on demand process.

The Theatre-On-Demand process is a new way to bring films to interested groups in various pockets of the country.  In general, if 65 or more people in an area prepay for movie tickets at a particular theatre for a prescribed time, the film can be shown.  Several theatres and time slots have been reserved for Beyond the Mask in the Philly/South Jersey area.  (Note:  if less than the prescribed amount of people prepurchase tickets, credit cards will not be charged.)

The film is rated PG for action, violence, and some thematic elements.  Want to find out more about Beyond the Mask?  Check out their trailer:

Another short Youtube video about Beyond the Mask and homeschooling:  Homeschoolers at Work 

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  1. Thank you, Gwen, for coordinating this event- we just ordered our tickets for next week’s showing! much love- missy

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