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New PA Homeschool Regulations for 2015

New Pa Homeschool Regulations for 2015

As many of you are already aware, House Bill 1013 was recently passed, and it revises Pennsylvania’s Home Education Statute.  According to this article on the Homeschool Legal Defense Association website, the new bill will do the following:

Require that a high school diploma issued by the supervisor of a home education program be recognized the same as a diploma issued by the Commonwealth;

Eliminate the public school superintendent’s review of portfolios;

Require superintendents to accept an evaluator’s determination that an appropriate education is occurring in the home education program;

Provide for an administrative procedure to resolve any claim by the superintendent that the parent has failed to comply with any aspect of the homeschool law; and

Ensure that the home education program may continue during the time of any appeal of an adverse ruling by a hearing examiner.

For most Philadelphia Homeschoolers the biggest change we will encounter as a result of the bill is this:  We will only have to provide evidence that a proper homeschool education is taking place to an evaluator.   Then, the evaluator’s certification that an appropriate education has occurred will need to be presented to “the superintendent of the public school district of residence by June 30th”.  We will no longer have to submit entire portfolios to the school district.

For more information on this new bill, please see the following sources/sites:

If you have any questions regarding these new changes to PA Homeschool Law, please contact the Homeschool Legal Defense Association.

Posted by Gwen Fredette on January 5th, 2015



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