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Fall 2014 Science Classes & Programs


Just thought I’d let Philadelphia Homeschoolers know about some fun Fall science and math programs and classes that may be of interest to you!


WHERE:  Franklin Institute

WHAT:  Target Community Night



  • September 17th (Wednesday)
  • October 15th (Wednesday)
  • November 19th (Wednesday)

TIME:  5pm to 8pm

FOR MORE INFORMATION:  click on this website:


WHERE:  Please Touch Museum

WHAT:  Target First Wednesday



  • September 3rd (Wednesday)
  • October 1st (Wednesday)
  • November 5th (Wednesday)

TIME:  4pm to 7pm

FOR MORE INFORMATION:  click on this website:


WHERE:  Wagner Free Science Institute

WHAT:  Homeschool Day

COST:  FREE ADMISSION! (but reservation is required)


  • September 5th (Friday) Buzz About Bees  10am to 12pm

FOR MORE INFORMATION:  click on this website:


WHERE:  Longwood Gardens

WHAT:  Homeschool Day

COST:  $5 – $7 per student; $12 – $16 per chaperone – (reservation required)


  • September  24th, 2014 (Wednesday) Nature Voice 10:00 am- 11:30 am
  • November 4th, 2014 (Tuesday)  Go Figure 10:00 am- 11:30 am

TIME:  10am

FOR MORE INFORMATION:  click on this website:


WHERE:  Bartram’s Gardens

WHAT:  Homeschool Day

COST:  $10 for first student; $8 for each additional sibling – (Pre-registration required).


  • September 10th  (Wednesday) Miniature Worlds
  • Upcoming classes in following months include the following: botany, colonial cooking, navigation, and creating music from birdsong!

TIME:  10am or 1pm

FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Check out their website by clicking here:   You can also email or call: or call 215-729-5281 ext. 110.


WHERE:   Newtown Square, PA

WHAT:  Science Academy Homeschool Classes:

  • Biology
  • Science Skills
  • Algebra I
  • Geometry
  • Calculus

COST:  $25 – $530 depending on course (some courses meet weekly all year long)

WHEN:  Most courses begin this Fall.

TIME:  Times vary depending on course chosen

FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Check out their website by clicking here:  Or contact their course instructors.  Their email address is:


WHERE:   Just south of Philadelphia

WHAT:  Landry Academy’s Life Science, Biology & Chemistry Lab Intensives (Complete 1 year of science labs in 2 days)

COST:  $270


  • September 25th & 26th (Life Science)
  • October 13th & 14th (Chemistry)
  • May 18th & 19th (2015) (Biology)

TIME:  9 to 5pm for 2 days

FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Check out their website by clicking here:  On the tab that says “Intensives” click on the tab for “View Intensives”.  Under “Basic Search” click on “Intensives Fall 2014 Spring 2015”.  Under “Advanced Search” click on Philadelphia.


WHAT:  The Potter School.  If you are looking for science, math, and other courses for junior high and high school students, the Potter School is a great resource.  They offer a variety of online classes.  You can check out their website by clicking here:

Posted by Gwen Fredette on August 22nd, 2014

3 thoughts on “Fall 2014 Science Classes & Programs

  1. Great listing, Gwen!

    Franklin Institute’s Target Community Nights are wonderful in that all that great learning opportunity is available for free. But a hidden treasure is up on the roof as the season brings us darker earlier. The Franklin Institute has an astronomical observatory that, when the weather is conducive, gives kids and parents a great look at planets, stars, and the moon we don’t normally get to see in person. Apparently there is a separate astronomy program available at the Franklin Institute for which there’s a fee.

    We did several of the Longwood Garden homeschool days last year and found them to be outstanding as well. This fall’s offerings are more literature focused rather than science focused, but anything they do is going to be done well.

    Lastly, Rhinoceros Toys and Games in Jenkintown and Haddonfield NJ ( has offered a four week “sloppy science” course in the past for around $40/child. We did this one a couple of years ago, and our son really enjoyed it and took away some good pieces that fit with later with our science curriculum. Anyone interested should keep an eye on their website or contact one of the stores directly to check on the schedule.

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