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YouTube Teacher?


Creative Summer Crafts

I love Summer!  Every Summer we take a break from school work.  Freedom!  And for three out of my four children, Summer freedom means time to be creative.  When my kids were little I used to try to come up with creative summer projects that they’d find interesting.  Now that they are older,  they’ve done a great job of finding their own fun projects.  Surprisingly, many of them have come from YouTube.  YouTube has a myriad of fantastic Do-It-Yourself videos with wonderful teachers, and best of all, these classes are FREE!  Here are a few creative ideas and fun projects from YouTube your kids may enjoy.



For Girls:

For Boys:

For Anyone:

Kids can make their own stop motion animations and post them on YouTube.  Here’s a basic tutorial along with a link for a free stop motion download:

Posted by Gwen Fredette on July 4th, 2014




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