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Phantastic Philadelphia Field Trips (Part V)

Fantastic Philadelphia Field Trip Ideas

Here’s a list of some more fabulous places to take your homeschool group, class, or family for a field trip!

1.  Styer’s Orchard:   Our homeschool group makes a field trip to this orchard almost every year.  They have a variety of different tours, including ones that correspond with apple picking, strawberry picking, and fruit tree planting.  They also have a corn maze in the Fall.  This is an especially great trip for young children.   Recommended for kids ages 10 and under.   For more information, see their website:

2.  Archery Class:  Our homeschool group took a field trip to Bucks County Fish & Game this past Fall.  We were able to participate in a 2 hour archery class.  They also offer Youth archery classes every Monday night from 7:00 to 8:30.   The classes are very reasonably priced!   For children ages 6 & up.  For more information please contact Robert “Doc” Satterfield 267-231-8031 or 267-203-8397 or  check out their calendar:  Their website is:

3.  Battleship New Jersey:  Did you know students could take tours of an actual battleship?  Our homeschool group took a tour of Battleship NJ this past Fall.  The gentleman giving us the tour had been a sailor on the ship when he was a young man.  It was an excellent history lesson! Recommended for ages 8 & up.

4.  Longwood Gardens:  Longwood Gardens is a beautiful place to take a field trip.  They offer many educational tours, including special homeschool days for only $5 per student.  To find out more, check out their website: or

5.  Cunningham Piano Factory:  Take a tour of Philadelphia’s oldest piano factory!  Our homeschool group visited Cunningham this past Fall.  It was fantastic learning about how they restored baby grand pianos.  A wonderful trip for music enthusiasts! Recommended for ages 8 & up.

6.  Lego Animation 101:  Students had the opportunity to bring their iphones or ipads to class.  They were also able to bring their favorite Legos.  Put them together and kids learn the basics of Stop Motion Animation!   A teacher from Talking Stick Learning Center met our homeschool group at a Philadelphia Library and conducted the class.  For more information, contact Adam Thomas.  His email is  For more ideas for combining Homeschooling and Lego fun, see this post:

7.  Northeast Airport:   This Spring our homeschool group had the opportunity to visit the Northeast Airport.  They gave us a great mini-lesson on aviation and our students were able to sit in the cockpit of a real plane!  Recommended for ages 8 & up.

8.  Working Dogs Field Trip:  Dogs are more than “man’s best friend”.  They provide amazing services to help and save people.  Learn how dogs are trained for search and rescue, finding bombs, and even detecting certain kinds of cancer.  This was an excellent field trip:

This post is the fifth in my “Phantastic Philadelphia Field Trip Ideas” series.

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