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FREE Physics Demonstration Show

Homeschoolers in Philadelphia are invited to participate in a FREE Physics Demonstration Show!

WHAT:  A two-hour presentation of U Penn’s best demonstrations of electricity and magnetism.

WHERE: David Rittenhouse Laboratory Lecture Hall A1; 33rd and Walnut Streets

WHEN:  Monday, January 13th OR Tuesday, January 14th

TIMES:  9:30 to 11:30 am  OR  12 to 2pm.  (Both time slots are available both days.)

COST:  FREE!  (Includes free refreshments, courtesy of WAWA)

FOR WHOM:  Junior High and High School Students in Philadelphia (Homeschoolers are invited to participate!)

MUST RSVP!:  To reserve your spot, please email Bill Berner.  His email is  Put “Physics Show” in the subject of your email.

FOR MORE INFO:  Please check out their flyer by clicking here: physics flyer

Posted by Gwen Fredette on December 23rd, 2013


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