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Opportunities: Homeschooled Teens

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Opportunities:  Homeschooled Teens

There are so many great resources homeschooled teens can take advantage of.  Consider the following:

Free Admission to Museums:

STAMP Pass:  This pass gives Philadelphia High School students free admission to a selection of fantastic museums and attractions.  The pass is FREE.  For more info:


Philadelphia Museum of Art: High School students can participate in internships at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  Please click here for more information:

Fabric Workshop & Museum:  High School students interested in art can participate in this paid internship:

Jefferson University Hospital:  Internships available to high school students.

Monell Science Apprenticeship program:  Biomedical science.  High School students conduct experiments related to senses and nutrition.  7 week internship.

Wistar Institute Biomedical Research:  Summer internship – cancer genetics & vaccine development.

PhillyCam:  Media production internship:

Environmental Protection Agency:  Variety of paid & unpaid internships .

Digital Media Academy Summer Internship:  Leadership responsibilities with a camp teaching digital media.  Students can attend a free course with internship.


Abington Art Center:  Offers art & photography classes specifically for teens:

PAFA After School Studio Arts:  Free Art classes M-Th from 3 to 5:30 pm for the serious art student.  Students must apply for program.

Homeschool Chemistry Class:  Meets weekly in Glenside, PA.  30 week course specifically for homeschoolers.  Typical class size 9 to 12 students.  Homework, labs, and tests/quizzes are all a regular part of this course.  Students are graded for their assignments and receive final report card.  Cost is $10 per class. For more info please email Chris at

Human Anatomy & Physiology Class: Meets weekly in Newtown Square, PA.  Tuition $400 – includes books & lab fees.

Calculus Class: Meets weekly in Newtown Square, PA.  Tuition $500.

The Potter School:  Offers a variety of online courses for Homeschooled teens.

Drexel High School Scholars Program:  Opportunity for homeschooled teens to take classes and receive college credit at Drexel University.


Franklin Institute:  Youth Leadership Program:

Academy of Natural Science:  “WINS” free science enrichment program:

Walnut Street Theater Writing Program:  “Seeing the Stage Through Our Eyes”  – Unique writing opportunity for Teens in the Philadelphia area.  Upon successful completion of an application and essay, students have the opportunity to attend free shows at the Walnut Street Theater and then write Feature Articles on the performances.

Pegasus Therapeutic Riding Academy:  Homeschooled teens ages 14 and up can earn community service hours required for highschool.  No prior horse experience necessary.

Dual Enrollment:

Several colleges in and near Philadelphia give high school students the opportunity to receive high school and college credit simultaneously.  Here are a few that currently offer this program:

Community College of Philadelphia:

 Manor College:

Cheyney University:

Eastern University:

St. Joseph’s University: Participates in this program.  Please contact the school with any questions.

Holy Family University:  Also participates in this program.  Please contact the school with any questions.

Liberty University Online Academy:

High School Diploma Programs: 

Students who are homeschooled for high school can earn diplomas if they are registered with a homeschool diploma program.   Three of the most popular programs for Philadelphia Homeschoolers are:

Pennsylvania Homeschoolers Accreditation Agency:

Mason Dixon Homeschoolers Association Diploma Program:

Buxmont Christian Education Institute:

More information about homeschool diploma programs for PA residents can be found on this site:


Note:  I’ve just started a new page on my blog called “Upcoming Events”.  Each month I will be posting events of interest to homeschoolers.  To check it out, click on the “Upcoming Events” tab at the top of this Philadelphia Homeschool Website or click here:

Would you like to add your homeschool event to the Upcoming Events page?  Shoot me an email:

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2 thoughts on “Opportunities: Homeschooled Teens

  1. This is an amazingly thorough list. Thank you for compiling it and presenting it in such a great way! I will be sure to suggest to my homeschool friends that have pre-teen and teen kids to check out this and other posts on your blog.

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I pray that this information will be a blessing to many families. Your site is an excellent resource for homeschoolers as well. Thanks for all of your hard work! – Gwen

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