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Homeschool Science Fair 2014

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Homeschoolers have the opportunity to be part of the Greater Philadelphia Homeschool Science Fair 2014!

Why enter a Homeschool Science Fair? A science fair gives homeschool students the opportunity to experiment using the scientific method, to practice their writing and oral presentation skills, to observe other students’ experiments and to compete* with other students in the area of science.  Plus, it’s fun!

When: Saturday, February 8, 2014

Where:  Mendel Hall, Villanova University, Villanova, PA

For Whom:  Homeschoolers and Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School Students in grades K -12

Cost: $8 per student ($6 if you register before December 1st)

Registration Deadline:  WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 8, 2014; Earlybird Discount Deadline by SUNDAY, DECEMBER 1ST, 2013.

To download a registration form, click here:

For More Information:  Check out the Greater Philadelphia Homeschool Science Fair website:

Homeschoolers can attend the fair even if they are not participating in it, so if your child(ren) cannot participate this year, your family may enjoy going to see other students’ work.  There is no entrance fee if your family just goes to see the projects.  This program would make an excellent field trip!

* Students can choose not to compete, if they so desire.

Check out my new “Upcoming Events” page on this site to find out about other great programs for homeschoolers in and near Philadelphia:

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