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Jesus, Easter, & School Subjects

Jesus, Easter, & School Subjects

This post from “Free Online News” was recently sent to me.  It’s an excellent (short) commentary on Jesus as a teacher of:

  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Economics
  • Medicine
  • History
  • Government &
  • Religion

Click HERE to get to the post.

Happy Easter!  Happy Resurrection Day!

Posted by Gwen Fredette, March 31st, 2013


One thought on “Jesus, Easter, & School Subjects

  1. Dear Home School Families,

    Beginning September 2013, The Home School Connection, a new offering will begin at Holmesburg Baptist Christian Academy. The school recognizes that the journey to reach each child’s God given potential is different. We would like to partner with homeschool families and offer them opportunities to be part of our family too.

    Parents may pick and choose how much they want to particiapte and to what extent. We are offering class trips, assessment testing, weekly Chapel, Parent Fellowship events, the Thanksgiving Day Feast and a variety of other events and activities all for simply the cost of registration.

    Enrollment in an academic class (with an additional fee) will allow students to participate in sports and the Middle School Spring Drama. 8th Grade students may participate in our Graduation program and go on the year end class trip. Our teachers will be available to support you, if you need extra resourses.

    I welcome the opportunity to talk with you about this offering and our school. Please call or visit us at 7927 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia 19136. Phone – 215-335-4323.

    Blessings, Linda Lewis, Admnistrator.

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