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Writing Contest Winners — 3rd & 4th Grades

Writing Contest Winners — 3rd & 4th Grades

Congratulations to the following 3rd and 4th grade winners of the “PHB” Homeschool Writing Contest!!!

1st Place:  Anna, a traditional homeschooler in Grade 4 from Cumming, GA, for the story entitled “Gift Horse”.                                                                   Anna’s wonderful winning story is reprinted below!

2nd Place:  Isaiah, a traditional homeschooler in Grade 4 from Wayne, PA, for the story entitled “A Green New Planet”.

3rd Place: Christian, a traditional homeschooler in Grade 4 from Lewes, DE, for the story entitled “The Secret Door”.

The winners have been notified and will be receiving their prizes from the sponsors shortly.

Special thanks to all the students who participated!  You did a fantastic job!  We can tell that you all worked very hard.  I hope to host more writing contests in the future.  Please try again!

Special thanks to the following Sponsors who helped make this contest possible:

Special thanks also to the panel of judges who helped me select the winners:

As promised, following is a reprint of Anna’s fantastic winning story:

“Gift Horse”

I know I shouldn’t have been snooping around in my cousin’s room.  But I couldn’t believe it when I found a tunnel to a prairie hidden in books.  Here is how it began.  My cousin, Faith, asked me to go get her journal.  I knew where it was but I hadn’t been in her room forever.  I looked at the glittering clock.  It was two forty-five.  I was looking at her books because they were all different colors and sizes.  There was a sparkle in between a pink and yellow book.  I moved the books and put my hands all around the sparkle.  There was a huge yellow light that shown for about three seconds then went away slowly.  I looked where the light was and there was a twelve by twelve inch hole.  I, being curious, went through the hole.  To my surprise it was a long tunnel.

I finally saw grass.  I landed softly on it.  I looked around, the smell of summer was in the air, the summer breezed floated all around me.  Flowers were everywhere, butterflies were flying, tree’s leaves were swaying side to side.  “Thud, Thud”  what was that?  “Thud, thud, thud” I looked in front of me and there was a brown blur.  There it was again!  Again, again, and again!  Whatever it was kept running around me faster each time.  I decided not to move in front of the thing in case it would hurt me.  I could see after a few minutes that the thing was starting to slow down, then stop.

I looked very closely and when it stopped I could make out a horse!  “Ahhhhh” I yelled.  I happen to love horses.  I slowly went toward it.  I blowed into the horse’s nostrils and the horse did the same to me.  I learned that trick from a book I once read.  It sort of says to the horse its ok, I won’t hurt you.  I walked around the horse and I noticed it was a strong stallion.  I was at the face of the stallion when I heard some more thudding.  I looked to the side and I saw tens, hundreds of horses running right to me and the stallion.  I had no choice but to jump on the horses’ back and ride him.  So I did.  It was a little strange at first to ride bareback on a different horse, but after a minute it was like riding my horse, Apple.

I looked back a few minutes later and I couldn’t see the horses, but I could hear them, so we just kept running.  Another few minutes later I looked back and I could not hear or see any horses.  “Whoa,” I said.  I jumped off the horse, and landed on grass but I could tell I was far away from where I started.  I looked around and spun around in circles.  I could only see trees, grass, and the big blue sky with a few clouds and a sun.

“Neigh” went the Stallion.  “It’s all right, I’m here, and I won’t hurt you.”  I said.  The horse started to get whinny and move and wiggle.  “Thud, thud”  “Oh no not again”, I said.  I knew the horses were coming back so I got a head start.  By now I was used to the horses’ back.  But I still had a problem.  How could I have the horse to move out of the way while he was running?  With no bridle or rope you can not guide a horse.

I decided to make one.  I knew it would take a while so I pointed the horse from straight to the side by moving his body.  Stubbornly the stallion moved for me.  We started running and I could hear the stampede of horses coming and I was glad we moved when we did.  I gathered leaves and bendable branches, and a sharp stone to cut with if needed.

I tore the thick outline off of some of the leaves I gathered and I used them as thread, then I sharpened a small stick and used it as a needle.  For the first time I was happy I took sewing lessons.  I measured the length of leaves I needed with a leaf.  I bent the sticks for a bridle, and punched holes in the sticks.  I Sewed them on, wrapped the sticks with the leaves’ outline, and voila.

Time for the test run.  I put it on the stallion, and he wouldn’t let me put it on him.  After what seemed to be ten minutes he finally stopped and let me put it on him.  I did and it was just the perfect fit.  I took it for a test drive and the stallion worked it just as if he was trained.

I took him for a gallop, and he went perfectly.  After a while I started to notice that things were looking familiar.  I slowed him down and jumped off.  I could see the same trees, I looked at the grass.  There were millions of horse footprints.  I looked around and to the left of me something looked familiar.  I walked over to it.  The stallion went slowly after me.  I sat down on it to think then all the sudden I felt as If I was getting sucked into it.  I looked around and I saw rainbows.

I lay on my cousin’s bed and I woke up.  “Was that a dream?”, I asked myself.  I looked at the clock and It said two forty-five.  I looked out the windows and I saw the stallion I was with all along.  I have never told a single soul.

And yes, as you may think, me and the stallion stayed together.  I named him Sugar.  I just told everyone that I found him on the street.

The End.

This story has been reprinted with the permission of Anna and her family.

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