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Prayers for a Marriage


God ordained it.  Blessed it.  Said that it was good.

Yet, how is it we keep messing it up?

I am a firm believer that Satan wants to destroy God’s first institution, because if he can destroy the relationship between a husband and wife, the children will suffer as well.  Our marriages are so important to God!  He loves us and wants us to make it work.  God loves it when we pray to Him, tell Him our heart, and ask for what is good.  Therefore, it seems right that God wants us to pray for our marriages as well.

Here are some daily prayer ideas for those in wonderful marriages and for those who are struggling:

For Ourselves (women):

  • Lord, make me a woman my husband looks forward to coming home to.   Proverbs 5:18-19 “…. may you rejoice in the wife of your youth…. may you ever be captivated by her love.”  Questions to ask yourself:  Does my husband look forward to seeing me?  If not, what can I do to change that?
  • Lord, give me energy for my husband.  Help me not to deny him sexually.   1 Cor 7:5 “Do not deprive each other except by mutual consent and for a time, so that you may devote yourselves to prayer.” (emphasis added)  Questions to ask yourself:  Do I save enough energy for my husband at the end of the day?  Am I frequently telling him “no” when his eyes say yes?
  • Lord, help me not to argue with him.  Proverbs 27:15 “A quarrelsome wife is like a constant dripping on a rainy day.”  Questions to ask yourself:  Do I frequently get irritated with my husband’s decisions?  Do I often tell him he’s made bad ones? Do I instigate arguments with him?
  • Lord, help me to build a peaceful, happy home.  Proverbs 14:1 “The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.”  Questions to ask yourself:  Does my husband get irritated by how I handle the children?  Does he feel that I’m keeping up with the home, dinner, etc?
  • Lord, help me to put his needs first.  Gen 2:18 “It is not good for the man to be alone.  I will make a helper suitable for him.”  Questions to ask yourself:  Do I actively try to be a help to my husband, or do I often tell him to wait?  Do I put my own needs or the children’s “needs” before his?
  • Lord, help me to build my husband up.  Eph 4:29 “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.”  Questions to ask yourself:  Do my words build up my husband or tear him down?  What more can I do to try to “build him up?”
  • Lord, guard and protect my marriage.  “Psalm 91: 9-11 “If you make the Most High your dwelling …. no disaster will come near your tent.  For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.”  Questions to ask yourself:  Do I fervently want God to preserve my marriage?

Prayers to pray for him:

  • Lord, help him to be in your Word every day.  Psalm 119:105 “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.”  To think about:  If my husband puts God first, everything else will eventually fall into place.
  • Lord, keep him from temptation.  Matt 6:13 “And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.”  To think about:  Unfortunately temptations surround our husbands, at work, on the internet, billboards, etc.
  • Lord, make him a man of integrity.   Proverbs 10:9  “The man of integrity walks securely, but he who takes crooked paths will be found out.”  To think about: If my man is a man of integrity, he will shine his faith to his family, his children, his co-workers.
  • Lord, help him to use his time and energy for your kingdom.        Col 3:17 “And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus…”  To think about:  If my man uses his time wisely it will bring glory to God.
  • Lord, help him to make time for his children.  Gen 18:19 “For I have chosen him , so that he will direct his children and his household after him to keep the way of the Lord …” To think about:  If my husband makes time for his children they grow closer to him; if he points them to Christ, they will grow closer to their Heavenly Father as well.
  • Lord, give him wisdom in decision making.  Prov 4:6  “Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you; love her and she will watch over you.” To think about:  His wise decisions will help everyone in the family.

God is faithful.  He hears our prayers and knows are hearts.  Child of God, may He hear your prayers for your marriage and move mountains in your homes today.

James 5:13-16 “Is any one of you in trouble?  He should pray …. Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed.  The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.”

Copyright September 26, 2012 by Gwen Fredette

All scripture taken from NIV (New International Version)


6 thoughts on “Prayers for a Marriage

  1. Gwen, thank you so much for this post! You are right–the marriage relationship comes first, before kids, before homeschooling! So important that this relationship is guarded in the “little” ways (that aren’t so little after all–like being a wife my husband loves to come home to!) Thanks for these reminders!

  2. Thank you for this wonderful post on marriage. It helped me put my marriage into perspective. Your thought provoking questions made me realize how things should be in a marriage!! I love the way God uses you.

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