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Philadelphia High School Expo 2012

Philadelphia High School Expo 2012

Many homeschoolers in the Philadelphia area consider sending their children to magnet, city-wide, or charter schools for high school.  If you have a 7th or 8th grader and this is an option you are considering, the Philadelphia High School Expo will probably be very helpful for you!

High Schools from all around the city set up tables where parents and students can come to find out more about each particular school.  Tables are set up for each individual magnet school and city-wide school.  Tables are also set up for numerous charter schools around the city.  High school directories will be passed out to interested families, and many schools will provide families with information on upcoming “open houses” and “shadow programs”.  Also, application requirements for each individual school will be specified.

Here’s the basic information:

What: Philadelphia High School Expo

When:  Saturday, September 29th, 2012 from 9am to 5pm; Sunday, September 30th, 2012 from 10am to 2pm

Where: School District of Philadelphia Education Center, 440 North Broad St. Phila, PA 19130

For more information, please click HERE.

Three Bits of Advice:

1.) Last year I brought my son to this event.  It was VERY crowded.  I would not recommend bringing younger children with you.

2.) I highly recommend bringing your seventh grader to this event.  Applications are usually due to most magnet schools in October.  “Open houses” and “Shadow Programs” for these schools typically run from November to March.  Consequently, an eighth grader may have to apply to schools that he/she hasn’t seen yet.  By taking your seventh grader to these programs, you and your child will be able to see potential schools ahead of time.  Then you can make an informed decision as to what schools are the best fit for him or her for the following year.

3.)  Even though homeschool law only requires that Standardized tests be taken in the 3rd, 5th, and 8th grades, Magnet, City-wide, and Charter schools will want to see your child’s standardized tests scores from 7th grade.  If sending your child to a public school for high school is a good possibility, consider arranging for your child to take standardized tests during his or her 7th grade year.

Posted by Gwen Fredette on September 17, 2012


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