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Homeschooling: An Option Worth Considering

Issues in Philadelphia Schools

  • Violence in the schools – “Assault on Learning” Article
  • Budget Crisis  Article
  • Schools Closing  Article
  • Schools Performing Poorly Article (Scroll Down and Type in your district’s information for statistics)
  • Cheating on Standardized Tests  Article

All of these have been issues in Philadelphia schools and fairly recent topics in the Philadelphia Inquirer.  When the school system is in crisis, when your children don’t feel safe, when your options are limited, is there any way in Philadelphia to provide quality education for your children?

Yes!  Homeschooling is an option worth considering.

Benefits of Homeschooling:

1.  Great Education:  Homeschooling works.  In general, kids who are homeschooled out-perform both public and private school students.  Check out this link for statistics:

2.  Strong Families:  Parents know their children well and are involved in their lives; siblings spend more time together.  Families bond.

3.  Safe Environment:  Kids can learn in a place where they are safe and free from bullies, negative peer pressure, drugs, etc.

4.  Good Communication:  Parents know what their children are up to; they know their friends, and children grow up knowing they can share their feelings with their parents.

5.  Children Learn at Their Pace:  When a child has mastered a lesson, he/she can move to the next.  If the child is having difficulty, lessons can be reviewed.

6.  Shorter School Day:  Lessons typically aren’t interrupted by unruly behavior, calling role, or announcements.  Younger children can often complete their assignments/lessons in 3 hours or less.

7.  Choice of Curriculum:  Parents can choose curriculum they love and that will fit well with their child’s learning style.

8.  Positive Socialization/Choice of Enrichment Activities:  Kids can join groups with other children who share similar interests and values.  (For more on socialization, see my last post.)

9.  Healthy Meals:  You don’t have to worry about your child throwing out his/her fruit!  Parents can make sure their children are eating well.

10.  Relatively Inexpensive:  Avoid the high costs of private schools; Parents only pay for curriculum and activities/special classes.  If children are homeschooled via virtual charter school, materials are provided for free.

11.  Flexible Schedule:  Families can take vacations in September.  Schoolwork can be done around doctor appointments, activities, etc.

12.  No Homework:  When children are done their classwork, they are done for the day!

13.  Freedom to Create, Explore:  Children have more free time to just be kids; to do what interests them, to excel in their gifts and talents.

14.  Spiritual Values/Moral Values:  Parents have the opportunity to disciple their children on a daily basis; reminding them of the God who loves them and created them.  Biblical values and the “Golden Rule” can be taught regularly.

To Homeschool your child is a huge commitment, and it is not easy.   But, as I look back on my life, the things that required so much of my time and energy — the things I’ve worked hardest for — the obstacles that were so hard to overcome — they are also the accomplishments I’m most proud of.  They are the ones that were worth striving for.   They are the things my God spurred me towards and graciously carried me through.

When our schools are in crisis, when the safety of our children is at stake, when no alternative is viable, Homeschooling is definitely an option worth considering.

Copyright August 1st, 2012 by Gwen Fredette


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