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What About Socialization?


If you are new to homeschooling or considering it as a possibility, I’m sure this thought has crossed your mind.  Many people worry that homeschool students will not have opportunities to socialize with other children.

Fortunately, I can tell you that with a little advance planning, this will not be an issue!  Philadelphia is a city full of opportunities for sports groups, classes, activities, programs, etc.  Here are a few that may interest your children:

  1. Homeschool Co-ops:  There are at least 2 in Philly, and several just outside the city.  Click on this link for a list: Homeschool Groups
  2. Homeschool Gym Classes: at Philadelphia Biblical University will be starting up again in September.  Click on this link for more information: Homeschool Gym Classes
  3. City of Philadelphia Athletic Leagues:  Check out your local park or Recreation Ctr. for sign-ups or click here for the Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Sports & Athletics page.   If you live in Northeast Philly, one of these programs may be of interest to you:  NEO or FOXROK.
  4. Police Athletic Leagues:  More sports programs for your children.  Click on this link for more information: PAL
  5. More Sports, Dance, etc.:  Check out your local YMCA for more athletic opportunities.  If you live in Northeast Philly, the Northeast Racquetball Ctr. has numerous classes for kids.
  6. Dance: Click on this link for information on dance classes throughout Philly at recreation centers: Dance or google “Dance classes in Philadelphia” for a long list of facilities.
  7. Theatre: There are many drama programs around the city for kids.  Some include the following: Junior Vogue Players, Philadelphia Department of Recreation, Center Stage Productions, Arden Theatre, MacGuffin, and the Walnut Street Theatre.
  8. Karate:  There are too many to list!  Google “Karate classes in Philadelphia” for a long list of facilities.
  9. Boy/Cub Scouts: There are many troops in Philly.  Some include: #449, #114, #160, #563.
  10. Girl Scouts:  Click on this link to find out more information about troops in Philly: Girl Scouts
  11. Art Classes: Check out these sites for fantastic art classes for your kids: Cheltenham Ctr for the Arts, Philadelphia Museum of Art, or Abington Art Center.
  12. Homeschool Science Classes: Academy of Natural Sciences, Franklin Institute, Wagner Free Science Institute, Bartram’s Garden, and Landry Academy (Offers Intensive 2-day science labs for Homeschoolers throughout the country.  Their Philly class is now full.  Something to keep in mind for next year!)
  13. 4-H: The Penn State Extension in Philadelphia has a 4-H program.  There are probably many others throughout Philly as well.
  14. Music: Check out the Settlement Music School , Fifth Stone Music School, or the Philadelphia Youth Orchestra.  If your children enjoy singing, check out the Commonwealth Youthchoir.
  15. Don’t forget your church’s Youth Group or AWANA (Bible-focused youth group for kids pre-K – 8th grade), or Pioneer Club (Bible-focused youth group for kids pre-K – 8th grade).  Some AWANA programs in/near Philly include: Lawndale Baptist,  and Berachah Church (please contact the church for info. on their AWANA program).  There are many other AWANA programs in Philly.  Here are links to help you find one near you: and   There are a few churches in Philly that have Pioneer Clubs.  Several in New Jersey do have them.   There are also numerous churches just outside the city that have them.   Here are links for more information: Pioneer Clubs and

Many of the programs/classes I’ve listed here have not yet posted their Fall 2012 Schedules.  Please check their sites again in August for updated information. 

Hope this information has been helpful!

Posted by Gwen Fredette, July 26, 2012


4 thoughts on “What About Socialization?

  1. Gwen what a great list! Thanks! Calvary Temple of Philadelphia, 3301 S. 20th St, has a Pioneer Clubs for grades 1-6 on Wednesday night 7-830pm.

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