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Phantastic Philadelphia Field Trips Part III

Phantastic Philadelphia Field Trip Ideas (Part III)

Focus on History:

Spring is a wonderful time to take field trips!  Here’s a list of some fabulous places to take your homeschool group, class, or family.  Our homeschool group/family has been to all of these places and loved them!  This week the ideas I’m suggesting all are in the “History” category.

1.)  Franklin Court:  This underground museum explores many of Ben Franklin’s achievements and contributions to society.   It’s wonderful and it’s free!  It will also be closing on May 31st while it undergoes renovations that will take approximately 2 years, so now is a great time to visit!  Here’s a link for more information:

2.)  Franklin Printing Press:  Learn more about Ben Franklin’s jobs writing and printing a newspaper.  Witness an old printing press in action.  This historic site is also free!  For more information, click here:

3.)  Independence Hall:  A wonderful opportunity to learn about the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and our founding fathers.  You need to reserve your spot on the tour with a ticket, but the tickets are free!

4.)  Liberty Bell:  As the official bell of the Pennsylvania state house, it originally rang prior to announcements, but it eventually became a symbol for liberty.  A wonderful place to visit.  Admission is free!

5.)  U.S. Mint:  Located in Historic Philadelphia.  A trip to the U.S. Mint can be planned along with your trip to many other Historic Philadelphia sites.  Kids have the opportunity to see coins being printed through glass windows.  This tour has been temporarily closed for renovations, but will reopen sometime this summer.

6.) Glencairn Museum:  Kids have the opportunity to explore a real castle and learn about medieval history!  The cost is only $5 per person if you go with a group.  Here’s a link:

7.)  Penn Museum:  I’m ashamed to say I didn’t even realize this museum existed until last year.  It’s a wonderful place to go to learn about ancient history and archeology.  I especially enjoyed its architectural pieces with hieroglyphs and its large mummy collection.  If your family (homeschool group) has been studying Ancient Egypt, I believe it’s the best place in Philly to visit.

8.)  Holocaust Awareness Museum:  This museum is very small, but the program is wonderful because the center arranges for Holocaust survivors to speak to students.  Our homeschool group had the opportunity to listen to Ilse Lindemeyer speak about her experiences during the Holocaust.   What an amazing opportunity to listen to her life’s story first hand!  I highly recommend this program!  Here’s the link:  Ilse’s story was published in the Northeast Times this year.  It can be found at this link:

9.)  The Academy of Natural Sciences:  My kids loved studying the history of dinosaurs when they were little, and this museum has a  fantastic display of dinosaur bones.  Here’s a link to the museum:

10.)  Fireman’s Hall Museum:  This is a great place to visit with elementary age children.  Kids can see several examples of fire trucks from the past 200 years.  Kids also get to learn about fire safety.  In the past visits to the museum were free, but they welcomed donations.  I believe that’s still the case.  Here’s the link:

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Posted by Gwen Fredette on May 15, 2012.

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