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Kids Earn Free Great Adventure Tickets

Great Adventure Read-to-Succeed Program

Homeschool kids can earn free tickets to Great Adventure by completing 6 hours of reading by March 1st.  Their homeschool teachers can also receive free complimentary tickets by signing their students up for the program.  It’s free!  Our family has participated in the program for the past 5 years or so.  We’ve loved it!

How it works:  Homeschool Educators sign up their students in grades K – 6 for the program.  (Space is limited, so if you are interested please register for the program ASAP.)

FAQ:  The website has a “Frequently Asked Questions” page for any questions you may have. (see link above)

Keep a Log:  The website has log forms that Homeschoolers can download for their students.  Students must keep track of the leisure reading they do and write it down on their logs.  Books read for school assignments can not count towards their reading hours.  Homeschool teachers must monitor the student’s log keeping.

Log Complete:  If students complete 6 hours of reading by March 1st, the Homeschool teacher must submit their students’ reading time online and mail their completed logs in to the appropriate address.  (see link above)

Information received:  After the program receives the students’ logged hours, a Great Adventure ticket will be emailed to the Home Educator for each child who has completed his/her reading, as well as for the teacher herself/himself.

Posted by Gwen Fredette on December 6th, 2011


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