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A Holocaust Survivor’s Story

I LOVE homeschool field trips!

I believe that well-chosen field trips are a wonderful way to enrich our children’s education.  The Lord has blessed our little homeschool group with some outstanding excursions, and I thought I’d take the next few weeks to share some of them with you.

A Holocaust Survivor’s Story 

This week my children and I had the wonderful and rare opportunity to hear a Holocaust survivor’s story, and what an amazing story it was!

The survivor’s name is Ilse Lindemeyer.  Born in 1927 to a Jewish family near Frankfurt, Germany, she witnessed the horrible treatment of her people by Nazi soldiers, and heard stories of Jewish youth being taken away.  On Kristallnacht, Nazis came to her home, beat her and her mother, and destroyed much of their property.   Eventually she was able to escape the country by Kindertransport, a program through which England rescued approximately 10,000 children from the Nazis.

Trouble seemed to follow her to England however.  Young as she was, she was accused of being a German spy one day while she was out taking pictures with a friend.  Detained on an island where other suspected spies were, she had to share a room with a Nazi young woman.  When her roommate discovered she was Jewish, she was abused yet again.

She was finally released when it was proven she was not a spy, but because the Germans were bombing London, she could no longer return to her foster home.  Ilse was then housed in a home with 50 other boys and girls.  Here she met her future husband, Herbert.

After the war Ilse returned to Germany and found that her parents had been killed.  Herbert’s family had been killed as well.  He had relatives here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and so the decision was made to move to America.

Holocaust Awareness Museum and Education Center

Ilse is one of over 30 Holocaust survivors/liberators who regularly speak to school and homeschool groups about their life experiences.  The program is done through the Holocaust Awareness Museum and Education Center.  It is located right here in Philadelphia in the Northeast section of the city.    All of the survivors who come to the center to share their stories are from the Philadelphia area as well.

I highly recommend this program to homeschoolers!  Holocaust survivors will not be around many more years to share their stories.  For our children to hear these first-hand accounts is an amazing blessing and privilege!

Here’s the museum’s basic information:

What:  Holocaust Awareness Museum and Education Center

Where: Klein Jewish Community Center,  10100 Jamison Ave  Philadelphia, PA  19116

To Schedule a Program for your Homeschool Group: Please email the museum at or call (215) 464-4701

For more information on the Holocaust Awareness Museum and Education Center and to learn more about the survivors who are willing to share these stories, click on this link to their website:

Ilse’s story was recently published in the Northeast Times, a Philadelphia newspaper serving the Northeast Section of the city.  To see a copy of that article, please click here:

Posted by Gwen Fredette on October 27, 2011


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