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Informational Meeting: How to Start Homeschooling in Philadelphia

Informational Meeting:  How to Start Homeschooling in Philadelphia

Where:  Northeast Regional Library  2228 Cottman Ave, Phila., PA 19149         (Corner of Cottman and Bustleton Ave)

Which Room:  Small Conference Room

When:  Tuesday, August 30th 2011 at 7:30pm

Cost:  Free!

Why:  If you have any questions about how to start homeschooling, or just want to know more about it, this meeting will be helpful for you.

Much information will be provided, including answers to the following questions:

1.  What is homeschooling?  Does it work?  What are the advantages of homeschooling?  What are the disadvantages?  How do I start?  How can I do it legally?

2.  What’s the difference between virtual charter schools and traditional homeschooling?  Is one better for me than the other?

3.  Am I qualified to start homeschooling?

4.  How do I go about getting curriculum and resources for my child?

5.  What paperwork do I need to submit to the city, and where do I get it from?

6.  How do I get evaluations done for my children?  How do I know who is an approved evaluator?

7.  Where can my children take standardized tests?

8.  What paperwork should I include in my child’s portfolio each year?

9.  How do I know if I’m doing everything right?

10.  What support groups/classes are available to homeschoolers in Philadelphia?

11.  How can I make sure my kids are “socialized”?

12.  Any other questions you may have!

I will be facilitating this meeting.  If you are interested in coming, please contact me at so I can get an estimate of how many people will be attending.  Thank you!


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