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Co-ops, Groups, Programs, & Classes: Highlight on Classical Conversations

A New Homeschool Support Service in Philadelphia: 

Classical Conversations

“Classical Conversations” is a program designed to be an educational support service to homeschool families.   Participating families meet once a week for 2 twelve week sessions.  (One in the Fall and one in the Spring.)  During the sessions kids participate in creative activities, games, and songs to help them memorize important information about our country and the world.  Subjects covered include History, Geography, Science, Bible, Math, Latin, Art, and Music.  Kids also have the opportunity to practice presentation skills.  This year will be the first year the support service exists in Philadelphia.  Here’s the basic information:

Fall 2011 Class Schedule 

When:   Tuesdays from 9am to 12pm

Ages: 4 – 10 years  (New classes will be added for older children each year.)

Where: Antioch of Calvary Chapel,  4721 Chestnut St. (University City), Philadelphia, PA 19139

Cost: $312 per child per year (The year runs from September to  April.) There is also a $50 registration fee and a $50 supply fee.

To view a class activity from Classical Conversations online,  please click on any of  these links:

The teaching resources utilized are excellent, and the group makes learning fun for kids!  Their goal is to “help parents raise academically and spiritually strong children.”  (pg 16 Classical Conversations 2011 Catalog.)

Tamika Graves, from Philadelphia, is the coordinator for the new Philadelphia classes.  You can contact her and find information about the new Philadelphia campus at:

For general information about Classical Conversations, please click on this link:

Thank you Tamika and Classical Conversations for allowing me to highlight your information on my blog!

Posted by Gwen Fredette on August 17, 2011


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