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Co-ops, Groups, Programs, & Classes: Highlight on Sewing Classes

Sewing Classes for Homeschoolers in Philadelphia

For any who are interested, Sewing classes are available to homeschoolers in and near Philadelphia.

Cost: $15 per lesson

Week 1 – Overview of Using a Sewing Machine & Make a Pin cushion
Week 2 – Make a Small Pillow
Week 3 – Make a Doll’s Blanket
Week 4 – Make a Stuffed Mouse & Learn to sew buttons
Week 5 – Make a Fleece Throw Blanket
Week 6 – Make a Smock or Tote Bag

Materials Needed: 

A good pair of sewing scissors.  (Paper scissors will NOT work). A shoebox.  Some pins.  1 yard of polar fleece of your child’s choice.  1 spool of thread.  1 yard of canvas material for smock or tote bag.  2 buttons.

Teacher:  Yours Truly!

Where:  My house in Philadelphia.  Please email me at if you are interested and I’ll email you directions.

When:  Dates and Times can be negotiated.

Recommended Age:  7 & up.

Posted by Gwen Fredette on August 14, 2011

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