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Fun Summer Activities for kids who are Homeschooling in Philadelphia (Part I)

So, you’ve finished your 180 days, completed your evaluation, submitted your portfolio, and possibly have even turned in your goals and objectives for the 2010-2011 school year.  Whew!  Now the big question:

What to do with the kids all Summer of 2011?

Philadelphia is a city full of fantastic summer activities!  Here are a few my kids have enjoyed:

  1. Science in the Summer at your local Philadelphia library.  This program is available to all kids in Philadelphia in grades 2 through 6.  This summer kids will be learning about Genetics.  Children will learn about cells, chromosomes, genes, and DNA.  They also get to do fun, interesting experiments.   If you’ve already submitted your goals and objectives for the next school year, you can count these classes as school time.  Best of all, its FREE!  Check this website to find out when the classes will be held at your branch:
  2. Summer Reading Game at your local Philadelphia library.  Kids in grades K-12 are encouraged to read books at their local library.  The more books they read, the more prizes they can win.  This program has really motivated my children to keep reading all through the summer.  It’s FREE!  Check this website for more information:
  3.  Home Depot’s Kids Workshops.  This program gives children ages 5-12 the opportunity to build simple projects.  It’s FREE!  Check out this website for more information:
  4. Upper Darby Performing Arts Theatre.  If your kids like drama, this is a great program and its very inexpensive.  This year the theatre group is performing Narnia, as well as several other shows.   Check out this website for more information:
  5.  It’s not too late to sign your kids up for Summer Camp.  There are numerous great Christian camps out there.  Two camps my kids have enjoyed are:  Spruce Lake Christian Wilderness Camp and Camp Iroquoina Soccer Camp.  Following are the web addresses: and
  6. Don’t forget Vacation Bible School!  If your home church is not doing one, there may be other good churches nearby that are.  Kids have the opportunity to play games, do crafts, learn great new songs, and hear the Word of God.

Coming Soon!  More great summer activities for Homeschool kids!


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